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Most Popular Products

Computer Dignostic #1

The Check Engine Light on your instrument panel can light up for a wide variety of reasons. Often the Check Engine Light will light to alert you to problems detected by the computer. The on-board computer stores a diagnostic trouble code when it detects a problem; the trained mechanics at My Mechanic NY can access this information using a scanning device connected to the automobile's computer.

Oil Change #2

My Mechanic NY is ready when you need an oil change with a full line of synthetic blend and full synthetic oil services. Full synthetic and synthetic blends have been engineered to provide superior engine protection over longer durations compared to conventional motor oil.

Hour Labor Rate #3

Automotive repair labor guides go hand in hand with flat-rate labor. This involves a standard of service in the automotive repair industry to protect the customer from being overcharged as well as the repair facility to profit from the repair.

Price List

Service Price
Flat Tire $20.00
Oil Change $27.95
Radiator Flush $49.95 (Starting Price)
Transmission Flush $89.95 (Starting Price)
Engine Flush $69.95
Power Steering Flush $79.95
Brake Fluid Flush $49.95
Tire Rotation $20.00
Brake Pad (Front & Rear) $134.95 (Starting Price)
Axle/CV Joint Repair $195.00 (Starting Price)
Computer Diagnostic $75.00
A/C Service $89.95
Wheels/Tires: Alignment $120.00
Hour Labor Rate $90.00
Towing/Roadside Assistance (Within 15 Miles) $65.00
Batteries $95.00 (Starting Price)
Engine Tune Up $175.00 (Starting Price)
Wheels/Tires: Mounting And Balancing $25.00 for each